Engine 18 Chicago Fire

CFD Engine 18 History

  Engine 18 originally occupied a temporary wooden frame firehouse starting December 9, 1872.  A two-story brick firehouse, at 12th and May streets opened on July 1, 1873.  This location served as Engine 18's home until the fall of 2008 where Engine 18 moved into their location at 1360 S. Blue Island Avenue.
  Truck 5 moved into 18's quarters in July of 1874.  A Battalion Chief (originally Battalion 5, later re designated as Battalion 7, then Battalion 4) was stationed there in January 1875.  Two pre Great Chicago Fire landmarks still stand across from Engine 18's old quarters.  They are Holy Family Church built in 1857 and St. Ignatius College Prep built in 1869.  Through the late 1800s and early 1900s Engine 18 and Truck 5 were the busiest fire companies in Chicago.
  After 107 years together, Truck 5 was relocated from Engine 18 to Engine 23 in 1981 and replaced with Snorkel 1.  In 1983, Truck 2 replaced Snorkel 1 and remained until 1992 when it moved to Engine 5's quarters. Ambulance 84, staffed by cross trained Firefighter EMT's was organized and stationed at 18's house in June of 2000.  Companies currently stationed at Engine 18's quarters are Engine 18, Ambulance 84, Deputy District 1, EMS Field Chief 4-5-7, and High Rise Rig 6-4-16.
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